"Revelatory experience..." S.P.

“Christina is an extremely insightful and warm personality. I felt so excited as we went along to see that I basically had everything I needed, I just literally could not see it hidden in the layers of stuff I did not. It felt like the start of a journey when she left. It was a revelatory experience, showing me how far my life had come and all that I had achieved, but also to find positive ways of departing from things and feelings that no longer served me about the past. Every day since it is a pleasure to get dressed in the morning. I now know that everything there in my collection is something I truly wish to embrace as part of my current version of me. Christina motivated and inspired me through her perceptiveness in so many ways during our session. I would recommend her to anyone who similarly wants to break through the past to the future in terms of the things around them and to shed the weight of things that might be holding them back.”