Tidying is better together. Let me guide you.

The KonMari Method™ is a simple system that will transform your life. Implementing it in your own space can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but you don’t have to tidy alone. As a Certified Consultant, I’m honored to walk with you as you express gratitude and let go of things that no longer bring you joy. Together we will move through your personal tidying adventure - embracing simplicity and joy through tidying your space.

My desire as your personal consultant is to encourage connection between yourself and the values by which you want to live your life. I tailor the KonMari technique to accommodate your particular challenges and fit your needs. We meet together for private consultations in your space - within Bucks County, the greater Philadelphia area, and central New Jersey.

Each lesson lasts approximately 5 hours - the perfect amount of time for you to both see and feel the fruits of our labor together without becoming exhausted mentally and physically.

Simply Start :: Single Five (5) Hour Lesson ($375)

Excited by the KonMari Method™ but unsure where to get started? Let me help you begin simply and guide you down the path to a transformed life, one step at a time. During our first Five (5) Hour Lesson, we will discuss your personal values and create a vision for your ideal lifestyle and tidying adventure. We’ll work together - in your home - on the first category (clothes). I’ll share a lesson on the proper technique for folding clothes, and we’ll move forward from there. Already started on your tidying adventure but need a gentle nudge? This lesson is perfect for you, too!  


KonMari™ at Work :: Single Five (5) Hour Lesson ($375)

Let’s use the KonMari Method™ to transform your office, studio, or productive space. During our first Five (5) Hour Lesson, we will discuss your intention for your work space, the ways you use the space for creativity and productivity, and your personal values. We will create a vision for your ideal work environment and our tidying adventure.  We’ll work together - in your office or studio - on your papers. I’ll share a lesson on the proper technique for sorting, tidying, and storing papers and we’ll move forward from there.


Total Transformation :: Five Lesson Package (25 Hours) ($1875 $1687)

Fully committed to transformation? Let me guide you along your tidying adventure, from start to finish. We’ll work side by side, moving through every category and throughout every inch of your space. Once your home is tidied, you’ll never go back to a cluttered space again. Whole home transformation usually requires multiple lessons. During our first appointment, I’ll estimate how many lessons it should take to complete your total KonMari experience. By purchasing five lessons in a package, you save 10%. Subsequent lessons are provided at the discounted price of $337.50 per lesson.


Editing :: Single Five (5) Hour Maintenance Lesson ($350)

Once you complete your tidying adventure, you’ll never choose clutter again. But, from time to time, you may notice that some of your things no longer spark joy in your life. This is a normal part of growing and changing over time, and it makes perfect sense to do an occasional “edit.” During editing, we move through all five categories of the KonMari Method™ at a much faster pace, expressing gratitude and releasing things that no longer bring us joy.

I highly recommend SparkJoy.Space to anyone who is looking to organize a room, office, or an entire house, and bringing a sense of serenity to their life. Christina was able to take an overwhelming project and break it down in to an easy to manage process. Her calm demeanor and professionalism allowed me to remain focused on the task. I NEVER could have accomplished this much in a short time on my own. Thank you for being able to Spark Joy in me and my life! It has made a huge difference. Having a house free of clutter has led to a calmer, more peaceful way of life.
— J.S.