So you’ve made the decision to finally get your home in order and you know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by the accumulation of stuff filling every nook and cranny of your living space and fear that your journey may be more like a trek to the moon.  Once again you affirm your desire to end your battle with clutter…. tomorrow.  But then tomorrow leads into another week, and then another.  So why is it so hard to begin?  What’s holding you back?  Often the answer is fear.

The KonMari Method of organizing is amazing and it works, but three additional elements are essential to propel you past your fears toward a clutter-free life:  Motivation, Time, and Commitment.  Without these three to support your efforts, your momentum will falter, your clutter will give birth to even more clutter, and the vision of your ideal lifestyle will fade into a memory.

1.       Motivation The first step of the KonMari method is to create a value-based vision of your ideal space (and life!)   You can do this with words or photos.  Your detailed image is essential.  When you feel like stopping, this vision will bring you back to why you started.  The happy thing is that as you progress through the categories, you’ll notice dramatic changes occurring as you intuitively reconnect with that which brings value to your life.  This creates momentum which you’re going to need in order to allocate time.

2.       Time  We would all like more of it.  We are all busy.  In many things that matter, our reward is relative to the investment of our time.  Making the time to joy-check each and every item in your house sounds daunting, but the reward of your life transformed is so worth it.  You’ll realize that by reducing your possessions, you’ll gain back the time that caring for and maintaining your things has been robbing from you.  Be mindful that this temporary commitment of time will allow you the freedom to pursue your most valued experiences long term.

3.       Commitment  Requires making active choices toward your desired outcome. Prioritizing your tidying over other uses of time (Scrolling, e-surfing, binge-watching, anyone?  Laundry and housework are simplified post-tidying!) reaffirms your desire for a simpler lifestyle.  By focusing your attention on what you truly value, you’ll begin to notice changes in your relationship with your things, yourself, and others.  A renewed personal commitment to pursuing that which is most precious to you will become your new standard of living.  Treating your commitment to yourself as you would the “buddy system” can be helpful.   If this is important to you, you are worth the commitment of time and effort.

I once read a quote by Emma Donoghue “Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.”  It’s kind of scary making a complete renovation to your lifestyle.  Habits are hard to reform and replacing old ones with new requires attention, initially.  Simply recognizing that your current system isn’t supporting you, you’ve completed the first step towards transformation.  Now you’re ready to set aside the scared feelings and bravely put your dreams into action.  Together with your envisioned lifestyle imagined, the basics of the KonMari Method learned, and your committed, brave mindset, you’re ready to begin!