Holiday Decor and the KonMari Method


The winter holidays are fast approaching, and while this can feel like a time of pending overscheduling and over-commitment, it’s also a perfect time to complete a category of KonMari Method of tidying that can be difficult to tackle during other times of the year:  namely, holiday décor!

When following the KonMari Method, holiday décor is considered to be a sub-category of the ‘Komono’ or the miscellaneous category.  Most of us keep our holiday decorations stashed in boxes in the attic, basement, or at the back of a closet.  Even during professional tidying sessions, my clients are often hesitant to spend time tidying these items during the spring and summer months.   Between heat (I’m looking at you, summer-time attic storage) and just not feeling the holiday spirit (unless you’re a craft store worker who must assemble Christmas trees in July!) our “joy-check meters” just aren’t tuned to deciding the fate of a sparkly holiday-themed candlesticks during the off-season. 

Take advantage of your holiday spirit to inspire you to accurately evaluate your connection with each item.  As with each of the other KonMari tidying categories, bring out ALL of your decoration items from storage.  The season is new and fresh (with apologies to our craft store worker friends), and it’s fun to see the decorations again.  As you sort through each item, deciding whether it still sparks joy for you, you may find that your newly tidied space inspires new creativity in how things are displayed.  You don’t have to put the same decorations out in the same way every year UNLESS that traditional way sparks joy for you!   This process may allow you to see your holiday collection with new eyes, replacing the feeling of “need” for more, newer, and different with an edited collection of already owned favorites lovingly displayed.   So this year, as you pull out your decorations, do your “joy check,” and you’ll feel free to then focus your energy on the upcoming celebrations with family and friends. 

One more bonus occurs at the end of the season, when putting your items away.  This is another opportunity to edit your joy connection, and to give yourself a gift for NEXT year because your stored items have been joy-checked!