“Christina, is it really true that if I follow the steps of the KonMari Method I will never have to tidy up my space again?”


I am asked this question frequently and I respond with a qualified YES!  Qualified?  Yes!  The principles of this method are designed so that upon completion, you will remain rebound-free, but you will be qualified to do the occasional touch-up or ‘edit’, as I like to refer to them.  What exactly is an edit, and why do they happen?   It may seem counterintuitive, but an edit is a very positive sign!  The desire to edit signals that you have internalized the decluttering process, have remained tuned in to your environment, and are staying true to yourself.

An edit is simply the natural, low-effort, on-going, joy-checking of living with your possessions.  We’re human!  We change!  We (hopefully) grow!  So it makes sense that even post-KonMari Method tidying, our relationships with stuff will change, too.  To be clear, true edits don’t occur unless you have completed your tidying marathon, all 5 categories, including your mementos.

A KonMari edit can happen one of two different ways:  Spontaneously or Methodically.   I’ve experienced both types since completing my tidying journey a few years ago.  KonMari Method tidying causes you to develop a deep sensitivity to stuff, and you can quickly identify things that no longer hold that spark of joy for you.  It’s as if the object sends off a signal that it has fulfilled its purpose in your life, and it’s time for it to continue its journey in someone else’s space.

Spontaneous editing occurs when you suddenly recognize that an item no longer fits into your joy-filled realm.  The first time I experienced this, I was folding a shirt and halfway through the folding process, it occurred to me that I was begrudgingly going through the motions and not loving it.  I felt an immediate disconnect with the shirt even though I had worn the shirt many times before, and it was one of the first to make the initial joy-check cut.  There were no obvious reasons for the sudden change of heart such as a stain or tear.  It just didn’t thrill me anymore. 

Methodical editing happens when you choose to re-visit all your possessions again in order and by category.  This type of edit usually follows a personal growth period; perhaps a move, new job or relationship, or after you experience a personal loss.  Naturally there’s more of a time commitment involved with this type of edit, but it’s still never long and will be completed quickly.  The last time I did this sort of edit, it took me only 1 hour to complete the entire process.

So why is this good news?  Because change!  Because growth!  Surrounding yourself with only what you need and love hones your awareness of those items that simply don’t.  You are changed (different!) after your tidying.  I encourage you to embrace and celebrate any edits you feel called to do!   You’ve got this!  It’s not a failure; it’s an accomplishment.  As I said above, it means that your life is not stagnant.  If you feel a bit stuck and feel the need for an edit, then let me help you.  It’s only a quick re-calibration.  Together we can make the slight course correction to your (even more) ideal environment.