KonMari Method: Unexpected Consequences

First, quick background:  I am a fan of Marie Kondo’s writing and method but was one of those who could not apply it full scale to my home on my own.  Enter professional KonMari Consultant and (full disclosure) dear friend, Christina Rosenbruch.  Christina’s lessons and coaching got me “unstuck,” and I’m happy to say I’m nearly complete with my tidying at home.

But this is not about home.  This is about work, specifically, an office move that had unexpected consequences of the best kind.  I work for a small company.  Two principals and three others of us occupied about 3,000 square feet of space for the past 14 years.  Earlier this year, our lease was up for renewal, and soon it was clear we would be moving.  The space we occupied was much larger than we needed partly due to tech advances since 2004 that have nearly done away with the need for paper files and have done away fully with a server closet.  We began culling and packing several weeks in advance.  We scanned and shredded literally a ton of paper.

On moving day, 3 of us manned the old and new offices.  On the new end, I realized my new smaller office would be efficient and cozy.  But the magic began when I started unpacking the workroom and supply closet bins.  Marie’s wisdom of putting “like with like” helped to create order.  Repurposed credenza drawers now held the supplies needed to support the equipment that sat on the surface above.  Interestingly, the 1,900 square foot space has far fewer items sitting on the floor.  Empty shipping boxes now reside upside down on open shelves in the storage closet, easy to identify, and not stacked haphazardly on the floor under the work table.   A few simple labels keep visual noise down and have helped to maintain order for the past 3 months.   Most telling of all, everyone else in the office noticed and appreciated this new orderly arrangement.   As items have been added to the workroom or closet, a good natured “don’t worry, I’m not cluttering it up” has come my way.  The tidied spaces aren’t my job, but I do appreciate that everyone is vested in their maintenance.   KonMari’s method helped me to create a peaceful, useful, and yes, even joyful space at work!