Should I hire a KonMari Consultant?


It’s a great and timely question and one worth careful consideration.  Can you complete the KonMari tidying process on your own?  Absolutely!  Following the Method basics as outlined in Marie’s book, “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” is all you need to achieve a clutter-free life!  So then why would you want to hire a consultant?  Because unburdening your environment from all of the excess requires a commitment of time, energy and discipline that many of us do not possess.  This can be a challenging feat in an already hectic and stressful lifestyle.  If you’re ready to make the commitment to experience the KonMari Method and enjoy a better life, then consider the following advantages that working with a KM Consultant has to offer.

1.       ONCE AND DONE Developing a meaningful relationship with your belongings is a hallmark of the KM method.  Once completed, your living space will hold only those things that bring you “JOY”!  From that point forward, you’ll mindfully weigh your connection with each new item before allowing it into your newly defined space. Following the guidance of a consultant is a one-time priceless investment that will ensure you won’t rebound!

2.       FAST FORWARD   Each lesson is generally about 5 hours long.  We will work through each of the 5 categories carefully while re-creating your space. Your ideal lifestyle will begin to unfold efficiently while working side by side with a Consultant.  ‘Homework’ assigned by the consultant between lessons keeps up your momentum. You’ll accomplish much more is less time!

3.       PERSONAL STYLE   Your first lesson begins with a discussion of how you visualize your ideal life. By frequently re-visiting your ‘vision’ along the way, your consultant will ensure that your space becomes a personal reflection of the ideal life you want to live. Your lessons will be designed specifically for you and your envisioned lifestyle!

4.       PRO TIPS   Everyone’s space and needs are different. From collective experience, consultants can provide valuable insight for customizing solutions and adapting storage spaces to fit neatly with your unique space and habits. Benefitting from the objective advice offered elevates your tidying experience!

5.       SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY Consultants are familiar with the challenges and recognize the difficulties you face when confronting the emotional attachments to your possessions.  Providing a backdrop of judgment-free sensitivity and gentle nudges, when appropriate, is key to keeping you focused and moving forward until you’ve completed your tidying journey.  This caring and supportive environment will allow you to confidently release attachments to joyless stuff while curating what really does bring you joy!

Tidying up your space is about restoring balance and order in your life.  The rewards of successfully implementing the KonMari Method are numerous and often surprisingly powerful.  Ultimately, it is the goal of Consultants to ensure that you realize your potential in creating a space that embodies, reflects and supports your values.  So now the question you will be asking yourself is, “Why wouldn’t I hire a KM Consultant?