A wardrobe of various sizes...


“Choose and sort through the mountain of clothes to find those that Spark Joy!”  Advice that sounds easy enough, but what if the clothes you’re currently wearing don’t exactly spark joy?  What if, in fact, the majority of your clothes don’t even remotely thrill you because what you actually have instead is a random collection of clothes based on your trending weight fluctuations?                                            Based on the current billion-dollar diet and weight-loss industry, I think it’s safe to say that for most of us, staring at that pile is not only a confrontation of accumulation but also a discouraging reminder that we haven’t succeeded in accomplishing what we’ve set out to do time and time again, lose those unwanted pounds!

Even when your motivation is to change your life is strong, staring at a pile of clothes wondering how on earth you’re going to sort through it all to find and keep only those that you truly love is a daunting task. 

So here’s how I propose we tackle this task together.  My Eight Step List will help take the pain out of the process and keep you moving forward.  Remember, the success of the KonMari Method is that by sorting your things by category, starting with clothes, you begin to fine-tune your decision-making skills which may have dulled over time mainly because of the daily inundation of too many choices. You’ve lost sight of what truly makes you happy. 

So let’s get started;   First and foremost…

1.     CHANGE YOUR MIND-SET – We are embarking on a soul-searching tidying journey!   This is going to be hard work but it will be so worth it.  This process can help you to forgive yourself for prior choices and to move forward, away from negative feelings or self-talk.  With forward focus, remember why you felt compelled to de-clutter your space in the first place.  This helps you to stay committed.  
2.    DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR DREAMS – In your mind, see your dreams as your reality.  Pretend you’re a kid, and there are no rules by which you must play. If you’re following Marie’s advice, you have created some sort of vision board or at least thought about how you see yourself in your future un-cluttered world.  Keep physical images of your dreams in sight, or at the very least, a post-it note of key words that best describe how you see your lightened space and life.  
3.    CREATE A CAPSULE WARDROBE – if needed. If you’re not finding the spark in the clothes-size you are currently wearing, then hone into just the essentials.  You’ll have a few basic inter-changeable, go-to outfits that will get you through a work week.  It’s amazing but true that other people really don’t notice if we wear the same black pants three times in one week!
4.    EMBRACE COHESION – Hang and store like with like.  In other words, the ‘keepers’ should be sorted by sub-categories and put together, regardless of size.  I know this might not sound logical, and maybe it’s a ‘zen’ thing, but I’m a firm believer that there truly is some ‘spiritual’ connection between items and between items and people.   This shared space of mismatched sizes will benefit you.  As you progress with tidying, you will realize that your things want to support you and your pursuit of happiness.  Sounds crazy, but stick with me!


5.    KEEP CALM, BREATHE, HYDRATE, AND CARRY ON – This is not easy.  Embarking on a soul-connecting journey is bound to unlock some interesting self-realizations that may be uncomfortable at times.  You stored them in the recesses of your mind for a reason.  But the rewards are well worth it.  Keep on going, choosing one item at a time and you’ll see that you will slowly begin to realign yourself with who you really are.  
6.    ACCEPT THE GREY AREAS - Don’t freak out if you start to accumulate a few items in the ‘undecided’ pile.  It’s perfectly normal and expected.  Put them aside for now and return to them later.  This doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around, just thorough.  Meaning that if you’ve at least given an item considerable thought and acknowledgement, (yes, it’s recommended that you give it a ‘bear hug’) and you still can’t decide, then don’t.   
7.    SMILE- I recently read somewhere that smiling through a difficult situation actually relaxes the body.  Well, why not give it a try.  Or pat yourself on the back.  After all, if you’ve followed me this far down on the checklist than you’ve accomplished something.  And something is always better than nothing!  
8.    ENGAGE PROFESSIONAL HELP – Whether you choose the DIY method and follow steps 1-7 to a tidied clothing collection and are ready for MORE or you get stuck somewhere in the middle, I’m here to help if you need me!  Most of us don’t DIY dentistry or auto repair, a professional gets the job done faster and better.   My services are a bit different in that we will work together to create the space that sparks joy for you!